The Emily List Fund for Performing Arts Therapy has been established by Emily's family to honor her memory as an actor, a dancer, a reviewer and a lover of the performing arts. The Fund will be used to support theater, dance and music projects aimed at helping the sick and disadvantaged in the interest of making their lives better and brighter through the performing arts.

Grant Recipients

haiti performing arts camp

Grace Episcopal Church received grants for its second summer performing arts camp for the children in Bayonnais, Haiti, where the church sponsors a partner school.

This two-week theater/dance/music camp at St. Matthieu’s School, grades K-6, will focus on creating and presenting a play that incorporates music and dance. The children will help work on a script, make costumes, create scenery and rehearse for the performance. 

Two UMass students will serve as co-directors, along with two St. Matthieu’s teachers.  The goals include immersing the children in subjects not covered in the government-mandated school curriculum, encouraging teachers to experiment with innovative teaching methods, fostering the children’s creativity and bringing them some summer fun.

Grace Church has supported the St. Matthieu’s School since 2008, during which time enrollment has almost tripled. The first camp in 2013, also supported by Emily’s Fund, was amazingly popular with both the children and the community, and more children—up to 50—will be able to participate this year. 
Mary Hocken, Haiti Ministry Chair, writes:  “We hope that Emily would find joy in our efforts to open the doors to [the performing arts] for the children in Bayonnais who have few material possessions but manage to face each day with eagerness and openness to learning.” 

This is the work Emily was doing with her Eastern European students near Bournemouth in 2010—and we know she would find joy in bringing the children of Bayonnais happiness through the performing arts, just as she brought happiness to her own students.