The Emily List Fund for Performing Arts Therapy has been established by Emily's family to honor her memory as an actor, a dancer, a reviewer and a lover of the performing arts. The Fund will be used to support theater, dance and music projects aimed at helping the sick and disadvantaged in the interest of making their lives better and brighter through the performing arts.

Grant Recipients

Lorrie Kubicek

Lorrie Kubicek, Emily’s music therapist at Mass General Hospital, received a grant to buy a set of Tibetan singing bowls for use by adult oncology inpatients and outpatients in the infusion center.

Lorrie said that one of the other therapists had brought in her own set of singing bowls to use in relaxation-based sessions and the response from patients was “overwhelmingly positive.”

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries for meditation, deep relaxation, stress reduction and holistic healing.  Having the bowls at MGH allows the therapists to bring moments of peace and joy to patients—“an incredible gift to the many people we serve each day,” Lorrie said.

The bowls help patients “explore, express, expand and, most importantly, be in the moment and connect to the healthy, creative part of themselves that is free from the challenges of their physical illness.”

Lorrie’s signature sign-off is “Big Love.”  That’s what she always gave to Emily and what Emily gave back to her—and continues to give through her grants.